Nigerian legendary actress Patience Ozokwo, better known by her stage as Mama G, celebrated her first daughter’s birthday on social media today by posting a video of her and her mother sharing special moments as well as a touching message.

In an emotional Instagram post, Ozokwo talked about what happens at the age of nine, she almost lost her daughter.

The actress expressed appreciation for her daughter’s three months in the hospital and her amazing recovery, sharing that her daughter’s life was in danger but that by God’s mercy she was spared.

On her daughter’s birthday, renowned actress Patience Ozokwo shares an emotional Instagram post recalling a near-death experience and God’s kindness.

The seasoned actress celebrated her daughter’s fortitude and her current status as a great woman while sharing her experience of intense prayers throughout that trying period.

Patience Ozokwo concluded the message with genuine wishes and a proclamation of eternal celebration for her daughter. She expressed joy in having her daughter as her best friend.

According to her;

“Happy birthday to you, my precious daughter. This day always comes with beautiful memories of God’s blessings to us as a family. We almost lost you when you were 9, but mercy said no. I remember spending 3 months with you in the hospital and praying hard for a miracle that God graciously granted.I celebrate the greatness you are. Of course, a Lioness has to birth a Lioness.You bring me so much joy, my darling daughter, and I can confidently say that I have a best friend in YOUYou will always have my blessings, my girl. The womb that birthed you rejoices at your greatestness. We celebrate you today and always”