Basketmouth, a popular stand-up comedian, recently made headlines when he stated that he is not friends with fellow comic AY Makun.
Basketmouth made the statement during an interview with media personality Nedu on ‘The Honest Bunch Podcast,’ when he was asked about his relationship with AY.

He responded by saying, “Just to set the record straight, number one, AY is not my friend. We have never been friends. I’ve never visited his house. I’ve never personally invited him to my house. I never ever called him one day I said, ‘O boy, where you dey make we hang out?” 



Also on the podcast, the comedian claimed that many of the stories AY tells the world are 90 percent false.



Meanwhile, AY, while recently speaking on his 17-year-old beef with Basketmouth in an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, narrated how he attended Basketmouth’s wedding but was denied entry.

According to him, while his wife’s name was on the guest list, his was not, so they had to go back home without attending the wedding.

“When we arrived, my wife’s name was on the guest list, but my own was noticeably missing.  I was looking at my wife, and she said, let’s be going home since you are not qualified to enter,” He said.

However, Basketmouth, while sharing his own side of the story on the podcast, mentioned that neither AY nor his wife, Mabel, were not invited to his wedding.

The comedian said he could not have invited the whole industry to his wedding, so there was a guest list that contained only the names of his friends.

He further added that since he did not consider AY a friend, he chose not invite him or his wife.

“Ay is not my friend, I did not invite him nor his wife to my wedding, they just came themselves. I only invited my friends”, he said.