A well known rapper and musician from Nigeria, Burna Boy achieved more success with his inventive rendition of “Big 7.”

Virgil Abloh’s iconic remark, “First off all, rest in peace” is one that really sticks out from the song “Big 7.” It sets the mood for the important person’s memorial service.

The song’s meaningful message and well-considered lyrics explore Virgil Abloh’s impact and legacy.

Big 7” asks viewers to think on the possible legacies of each person while paying tribute to Virgil Abloh.

Furthermore, the tune in question encourages listeners to put in a lot of effort and value their own accomplishments.

In addition to paying tribute to Virgil Abloh, “Big 7” makes a statement on the impact that one person may leave behind.

In the end, this original composition is a hit tune that you should add to your playlist if you enjoy good music.

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